Thursday, July 26, 2012

Poor Little Guy

As told in the words of my son Angel...

I was mowing the lawn today when I saw something squirming in the grass where I just cut, so I went in to see what it was. At first I thought it was a snake, but when I took a closer look I realized it was a small baby rabbit. The way it was squirming on the ground made me think I hit him with the lawn mower, but there wasn't any blood so I picked him up. I immediately got my Mom and we took him t...o the ASPCA. On the ride there I looked at him just lying on my lap with my hand underneath him, he didn't look hurt and he even got up and started to moved around. Cutest thing I've ever seen. When we got to the ASPCA i took him inside and the lady at the counter saw the rabbit, put her call on hold and asked me what happened. After explaining that I was cutting the grass when I found him and though I had hit him she gently grabbed him and without saying a word took him into a backroom. I sat there and waited to see what was to become of this baby rabbit I've grown attached to in just a small amount of time. When she finally came out she told me that he wasn't going to make it due to a neurological problem and that they were going to put him down. I asked if I caused that problem by hitting him with the lawn mower (because I'm no neuro-scientist) and she said that he was born like that and he would of died out in the wild because of it. She said it was better that they put him down than him suffer out in the wild and that me bringing him in was for the best. So with a sad, but understanding expression, I said "thanks. Have a nice day." and left the ASPCA.

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