Saturday, January 30, 2010

60 Years of Love...

I wanted to share a few pics of my family and I at my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. Yeap...I said 60! Can you believe 60 years of love and 17 children later. Yeap...I said 17 children!
Hard to believe..huh!

My Mom and Dad will be having their 30th soon and they are still very much in love. God willing my sweet hubby and I will continue to walk down that road too. Leo and I will have our 20th in 2011 and are also very much in love. I truly thank God for his favor and blessing. He (God) has been the center of my home and I believe it's what truly keeps us together in the good and in the bad!

I also have to say that Grandma and Mom have truly been an inspiration to me. With their example they have taught me how to be both a wife and a mother and for that I am truly greatful!

My Beautiful Mom and I

My brother Will, Mom, Grandpa and Grandma
Will and my Handsome Dad

My sister Sandra and I

My son Angel and brother Will

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